Saturday, 13 December 2014

An1mage Character Sketch Fiesta 2014 - ISBN 9781505419412

This is a social artwork book from the an1mage studio to help newcomer artist  pursuing their big dreams. More than 100 great character designers in any ages  and backgrounds put their original character in this character designer generated  content by themselves. This book is great for them as a start point in their long  career journey.

This great book is a special book  from you a great artist and made for you great  artist only. Yes, you are a great artist with a lot of positive thinking in mind.  Without your courage to take a risk to send your great masterpiece artwork to the  publisher “An1mage Studio”, this book will never be published.

Congratulation to you all, hopefully this special, simple yet elegant book will make your future  brighter, because now you’ve got yourself a point to start and show your first debut. The list order of character sketch layout put in this book based on first come first serve.

Missed the chance? Don't worry join the next issue. We will be very happy if the  next program “An1mage Character Sketch Fiesta 2015”, you are going to send your  great character design sketch artwork to us “An1mage Studio”.

Feel free to send maximum 3 character sketches and also encourage another character designer to join this  program, to help them out start pursuing their dream as a comic artist or a  character designer. 

Thanks a lot guys

You can download the free ebook version hereAmazon Kindle version, click here. For google play  store, click here.

If you want to pre-order hardcopy print directly from An1mage Studio, click here. An1mage Studio need to collect at least 100  copies so the price would be cheaper, around 15-25 USD per copy for BW interior with  Full paperback, colour cover, and around 50-80 USD BW interior with Hardcover  fullcolour.

Packing and shipping cost will be added to the total cost based on book (s)  weight and distance.

A great book "Character Sketch Fiesta 2014" go international already, it's live on Amazon Kindle click for Google Play book

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