Wednesday, 17 December 2014

An1mage Paintings Fiesta 2015

Are you a painting artist? Never publish your great paintings? An1mage Studio gives you a great chance to start your portfolio by sending us maximum 3 your paintings of your great painting masterpieces in photos submission and it will be published in a book with ISBN number and marketed worldwide, the copyright still yours.

Each photo should have at least 5 Mega Pixels with differs painting, you can send maximum three paintings photos, Submission deadline 30 November 2015 to:

Any medium Paintings such as oil paintings, water paintings, acrylic paintings, mix media paintings, printed digital paintings or other media paintings can be send using photo with your paintings title, your name, your email, the paintings dimensions, what media, and don't forget to mention its price.

Paintings Fiesta 2015 template:

If you are using other software, make sure this PDF as your design guidance:

Your paintings can be in any kind of style such as Realism, Cubism, Surrealism, Impressionism, Pop Art Style, Expressionism, Decorative Styles or others styles. This book will be read by any age so be sure no sexual pose or sexual acts please. The book will be published in an ebook format where you can download it  and get the copy for free, but for the printed one you need to order it, but there is no obligation to order it either, it's a choice.

The point is we are an indie publisher, luckily we have the access for international publication and willing to help Painting Artist out to be known in the world. Also noticed that printing a book is very costly this day so the better choice is an ebook. The published book will not be sold other than to the artists that gets involved in this project, so the publisher will get nothing, it's a social work to help others in differs way.

The published paintings book will be a great help for the artist next career. Be Hurry, because the deadline is 30 November 2015. And if you missed it, you need to wait a year long for the next publication. Hurry up, send your maximum 3 paintings by email with subject:  An1mage Paintings Fiesta 2015, send your submission to:

A sample of Published "An1mage Character Sketch Fiesta 2014"

A great book "Character Sketch Fiesta 2014" go international already, it's live on Amazon Kindle click for Google Play book

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Kamu pelukis? Lukisanmu belum pernah dicatat sejarah dalam buku ber-ISBN? Seperti kata-kata pepatah, "Pameran itu perak, tetapi buku ber-ISBN adalah emas". Banyak karya lukis dikenal karena diterbitkan dan terpromosikan dalam buku ber-ISBN.

Buku ber-ISBN menjamin namamu masuk dalam sejarah walau pun karya cuma sedikit. Kini ada kesempatan emas, An1mage studio membuka peluang namamu akan dikenang sebagai salah satu pelukis level internasional dengan cara mengirimkan minimal satu photo dan maksimum 3 photo karya lukisanmu. Lukisanmu akan dipromosikan secara gratis dalam publikasi An1mage Paintings Fiesta 2015.

Lukisanmu dapat berupa karya cat minyak, cat air, cat acrylic, mixed media, dan atau versi digital siap print. Beri judul, nama kamu sebagai pelukisnya, beri harga, beri alamat emailmu, beri nomor kontakmu, hak cipta lukisan tetap ada di kamu sebagai penciptanya, sehingga pembeli akan mengontak kamu langsung. Kirim menggunakan template/ format desain berikut:

Paintings Fiesta 2015 template:

Gunakan format PDF berikut sebagai panduan bila kesulitan:

Buku Painting Fiesta 2015 ini akan menjadi peluang agar namamu mulai dikenal dan menjadi portfolio (bukti hasil karya) yang sangat kuat karena ber-ISBN. Buku ini akan dipulikasikan secara internasional misalnya di Amazon  dan Google Book seperti contoh program buku An1mage Studio sebelumnya yaitu An1mage Characters Sketch Fiesta 2014 yang telah terpublikasi secara internasional di Amazon dan juga Google

Buruan, kirim sebelum 3 0 November 2015 ke:

Ditunggu karya lukisan hebatmu Maestro (^_^).

An1mage Studio

An1mage Studio adalah lembaga non profit dalam membantu indie artist/ seniman indi.

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