Tuesday, 5 May 2015

An1mage International Entrepreneur Profile 2016

Got a lovely start up or blooming business? Are you an entrepreneur? Wants to create an amazing fast connection with others worldwide and also promoting your brand, written in history by putting your profile and your company in an ISBN book? An1mage Studio gives you a great chance to boost up your network to a global market by connecting you to another at least 100 entrepreneur  for free. Join "An1mage Entrepreneur Profile 2016", send your profile, this profile can be written by yourself or another, please use this template: 

Sent to: an1mage.studios@gmail.com with subject: entrepreneur profile 2016 submission deadline 20 December 2015. Sometimes when open the file using different software the layout changes, please check using this PDF version to control the layout:

Got trouble? May be you need one of your staff to aid you. This book can be downloaded for free and you can share it to others to create brand awareness. A sample of our Published book "An1mage Character Sketch Fiesta 2014". This great book "Character Sketch Fiesta 2014" go international already, it's live on Amazon Kindle click here:bit.ly/AmazonCSF2014for Google Play book here:bit.ly/googleplayCSF2014 Create your own way using a unique way (^_^)

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